Steven Burda says:

Review by Steven Burda for West’s Business Law Texts and Cases: Legal, Ethical, International … My name is Steven Burda and I purchased and read this book from start to finish, with interest. Great book. Very helpful and insightful. The subject of Business Law, Court Rules, Family Law and Domestic Relations is near and dear to me, as a Dad who loves his kids and family more than anything, I can tell you this reading is worth your time. Knowledge is power, and you will learn plenty from this powerful reading. I highly recommend this reading. I am from Pennsylvania myself.

Anonymous says:

Fine textbook and great home reference This book is even better than the excellent business law textbook I used (but no longer have) in college in the late 1960’s. It has all the utilitarian features necessary for a textbook but likewise has enough depth and user-friendliness for a home reference tome. 

Ryan Hutchison says:

YESSSS!!!!! I still use it to this day in work (after school). Forget the new versions, all of the content and principles remain the same here.

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